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Words so cold [MEP]

14 Aug Words so cold [MEP]

“Look at in Hd for the very best quality!!”

right after all, how typically do we get a next likelihood?

what can I say and exactly where need to I start.
I opened this one particular as a problem, to use voice overs which I hardly use. A lot of wonderful editors joined me in this chalenge. And I have to say, WE Approved THE CHALLENGED AND KICKED ITS ASS!!!!

I actually adore how this turned out! and I hope you will also!
Al these feels, they killed me, and I came back again to daily life to share it with you!

Exclusive Thanks to xoxoKitten and ᴀɴтıswᴇᴇтıᴇ♥ for replacing anyone and for doing the wonderful editing operate in these types of a brief time! Youre the best♥
But also many thanks to these editors who joined me!:

Part1: chrisx- Arrow
Part2: madamflauschig- The Hunger Game titles
Part3: squirtPandorica- Particular person of Desire
Part4: hotterhatter2211- The Strolling Useless
Part5: xShinexLightx- The Previous of Us
Part6: Claire Fireheart- Ultimate Fantasy X
Part7: amberskyx.- Previous Samurai
Part8: amberksyx.- Previous Samurai
Part9: madamflauschig- Mockingjay one
Part10: chrisx- Arrow
Part11: HirasCassidy Drake- the legend of korra
Part12: xoxoKitten- The Evil Within just
Part13: HirasCassidy Drake- 2nd son
Part14: ellieauditore- The Maze Runner
Part15: ellieauditore- Bioshock Infinite
Part16: xoxoKitten- Assassins Creed Unity
Part17: ᴀɴтıswᴇᴇтıᴇ♥- Shadow of Mordor
Portion 18: xoxoKitten- FF7

Thanks for watching!!!!!!
make sure you comment, fee and subscribe!!

  • ZombieFluff
    Posted at 08:03h, 14 August

    Wow this was absolutely gorgeous and heartbreaking <3 everyone's parts were amazing and they all flowed together so well ;u; awesome work!

  • [Insertnamehere]
    Posted at 08:03h, 14 August

    This? Absolutely gorgeous! How is something like this even REMOTELY possible? Can I just thank everyone in this MEP for managing to edit so beautifully and heart-wrenchingly? And thank you for showing that MEP's don't have to be editors trying outdo each other in effects, or vid styles. You guys made 18 different stories merge into one. Just, thank you!

    And fuck.

  • TheShadoWings
    Posted at 08:03h, 14 August

    Well that was heartbreaking.. I lost it a little at The Last Samurai, and then again at Second Son, and I just.. ugh this is beautiful and sad and my feels ;u; and can I just ask what the song is please? c: amazing work you guys <3

  • xxAsoka Sanxx
    Posted at 08:03h, 14 August

    Eine Fantastische MEP! Tolle Arbeit ihr habt das einfach sehr gut hinbekommen! This looks so impressive! Everyone of you made a perfect job! 🙂 

  • Claire FireHeart
    Posted at 08:03h, 14 August

    This came out so good!!♡♡ This so damn beautiful really guys :3 awesome job!♡

  • HirasCassidy Drake
    Posted at 08:03h, 14 August

    YES YES and YES!!! It is not perfect yet, but we damn close !!!!

  • Piers Valentine
    Posted at 08:03h, 14 August

    Last Samurai auch xD

    ach das ganze video, meine fresse ?

  • Piers Valentine
    Posted at 08:03h, 14 August

    TWD & TLOU war voll schoen ?

  • sirjeranreturns
    Posted at 08:03h, 14 August

    Fantastic work all of you! This came together soooooooowell.

  • hotterhatter2211
    Posted at 08:03h, 14 August

    GAWD MY HEARt. I just can't deal with all the feelings in this mep!

  • MadamFlauschig
    Posted at 08:03h, 14 August

    Gott so viele Gefühle in jedem einzelnen Part und ich bekomme bei jedem erneuten schauen Gänsehaut.
    Ich muss sagen, dass ist bis jetzt einer der Emotionalsten Meps an denen ich mit arbeiten durfte. Ich kann garnicht in Worte fassten, wie toll ich sie finde.
    Danke das ich mit machen durfte und somit ein teil dieses Werkes bin.

    Amazing Job by Everyone<3

  • xoxoKitten I Hiatus
    Posted at 08:03h, 14 August

    omg omfg
    Diese Mep … ich bin so Sprachlos und hab tränen in den Augen!
    Jeder Part ist so einzigartig und emotional das ich von anfang bis ende Gänsehaut hatte! Und ich bin so dankbar das ich ein Teil davon sein durfte! Vielen lieben dank <3

    Und ich bin gerne eingesprungen .. weil dieser Song ist einfach soo unglaublich schön! Bin ja auch am überlegen so was in der Art bald zu machen :3

  • ellieauditore
    Posted at 08:03h, 14 August

    Ahh es ist endlich fertig! :3
    Ich hatte das ganze Video über Gänsehaut! Das ist alles so emotional ;-; 
    Wirklich jeder hat das so gut umgesetzt! 
    Das mit der Challenge war eine super Idee! Vielen dank dass ich mitmachen durfte, dass hat sehr viel Spaß gemacht c:

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